Client Testimonials

"Thank you so much for a wonderful bachelorette party. Everyone loved your readings and it was the hit of the night! You did a wonderful job. Thanks for making the night memorable!"

~ Valerie

"I've loved the web readings Rhonda has done for me!! I thought, at first, it wouldn't be as concise as it would be in person, but she is very, very thorough and explains things in a way anyone could understand."

~ Chris

"Rhonda did a tarot reading for me a few weeks ago. I asked her a question about a relationship I was newly entering. I didn't really fill her in on a lot of the details, but she definitely knew all of the things that were the most important things I needed to know, and she knew so many things I never told her about the situation. She's very gifted in this forum."

~ Christina

"I just took a few minutes to reread the mini reading you did for me a while back, it brought tears to my eyes. You are very talented!! Thanks again for your reading."


"Thank uou so much for the reading! I often wonder about my past lives, especially in conjunction with certain people and bits of history to which I've always found myself rather inexplicably drawn. Your reading was wonderfully insightful, and I can't thank you enough!"


"All I have to say is Wendi and I both had Tarot card readings from Rhonda, and it was spooky how acurate it was. Wendi's was obvious the day of the reading, I am still receiving information from mine that was dead on. Just CRAZY!!!"


"You gave me a Four Seasons reading, and it was right on for everything. I think you have the gift for accurate readings!""


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