Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you, and when and why did you start reading tarot?
Do you use a computer program to generate your readings?
Where do the answers come from when doing a tarot reading?
Are there good card and bad cards?
Do I have to have a specific question in mind, or can I get a general reading?
Once I place an order for a reading, how long will it take to get my results?
Do you offer readings by phone?
Do you offer face-to-face readings?
What methods of payment do you accept?
What if I don't agree with what you say the reading says for me? Do you offer refunds?
Do you read for minors?
Are there any question topics that you will not cover?
Do you offer an accuracy percentage, like some other readers I've heard about?

Q. Who are you, and when and why did you start reading tarot?

A. My name is Rhonda, and I am a resident of Wadsworth, Ohio in the USA. I am a wife, parent, community volunteer, and tarot reader.
I have been an intuitive tarot card reader since 1984. I bought my first deck (a Rider/Waite-Coleman) shortly after my Grandmother died when I was 15 yeard old. I don't recall thinking that it was a way to communicate directly with her, but I knew that she had a deck of fortune-telling cards that always held a fascination for me, and buying a Tarot deck for myself was just something I felt compelled to do at that time. I took to it pretty quickly, and I've been reading off and on for myself, family, and friends ever since. I'm now 39 years old, have a teriffic hubby and four kids that keep my head spinning, my own internationally-known Renaissance-inspired/replication jewelry business, and own several different Tarot decks (around 15, if memory serves) that I enjoy reading from. I can honestly say that I truly love everything about tarot and trust it completely. It has been my guide during very difficult times, as it has so guided many others throughout its long history.

Q. Do you use a computer program to generate your e-mail readings?

A. No, I do not use a computer program to create readings. Personally, I feel that the vital connection between the cards and the reader is lost when using a computer to make card selections. All readings are hand-cast with real tarot cards for each individual client session - they are never pre-selected card spreads nor automated, computerized selections.

Q. Where do the answers come from when doing a tarot reading?

A. This is the question that everyone asks and that no one has a real answer for. There are actually lots of similar questions that surround tarot: "How do the cards get chosen?", "How do we know they're the right cards for us?", "Is the source of the reading within the reader, the client, or from an external source?", "Is tarot an instrument of light or dark forces?"....the list could go on and on.

I can only offer my own personal belief as an answer to the question "Where does tarot come from?": it comes from everywhere, everyone, and everything.
It comes from the energy that surrounds us all. It comes from the great-great-grandmother who passed away before you were born, and from the great-great-grandchild who hasn't yet been born. It is from the energy that WAS, IS, and WILL BE you during the course of your life. So, I guess the better question is "Where DOESN'T tarot come from?" :)

From a reader's perspective, my ability to effectively and accurately provide a reading comes down to a simple choice I make each and every time I bring out a deck and sit down to do a reading. I choose to trust the cards, to trust my energy, and to trust the energies of the Universe and everyone and everything in it. All of these forces come together to make sure that the right cards fall in the right positions, and that I see in the cards what I am meant to see for that sitter at that exact moment in time. The same card could have a completely different meaning an hour later, and I will still trust those results wholeheartedly. I trust the Universe to give me the information I need...and it trusts me back, providing the answers I seek. It really is that simple.

Q. Are there good card and bad cards?

A. Well, there are cards that have the potential to point to some things in life we hope to avoid, and there are some that seem to be nothing but positive in nature. Of course, like anything else in life, there are no cards that are completely negative nor completely positive. Just as in nature, there are bright, silver linings for the darkest of clouds, and there are shadows cast by the most brilliant ray of sunshine. "You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have the facts of life", just as the saying goes. Every card, as bleak as some may seem, offers hope and guidance for a better life and a positive outcome. Likewise, every card, as full of hope as some may seem, carries with it a foreshadowing of what may come if warnings aren't heeded or things are carried to an extreme.

Q. Do I have to have a specific question in mind, or can I get a general reading?

A. As long as it suits your own personal purposes for requesting a reading, either option will yield accurate and meaningful results. Each card I pull for you has many meanings, and it is true that I may more easily find the one that best suits your situation if you have a well-thought-out question in mind for your reading. Requesting a reading without posing a question will give you a general reading, which is essentially a snapshot of your life as it is now on the path that you are currently on. If you have a specific matter or question that you want to have addressed, please do let me know at the time you request your reading, as it may be helpful to me in conducting your reading and tailoring the results to best suit your purpose for contacting me. You may include your question in the message box that appears during checkout or e-mail me your query quickly after placing your order, if you do have a specific question in mind.

If you also include your complete birth date (month, date and year), I will include a free life path reading with your tarot reading results as my thanks to you for being a client. This mini-reading will serve to clarify your current situation and/or recommend a course of action for bettering your life.

Q. Once I place an order for a reading, how long will it take to get my results?

A. I understand that receiving your reading quickly is a priority for you, and I assure you that getting it to you in a timely manner is just as important to me. If you have requested to receive an e-mail reading, you should expect to receive your results usually within two business days. I will send your reading to you via e-mail no more than 72 hours after payment is received, although most are completed within one day. If you are requesting a face-to-face local reading or are looking for information on booking a tarot group reading, you may either contact me through my contact page or by submitting a pre-paid reading request. You should expect to receive an e-mail response within 24 hours of making contact with me through either method.

Q. Do you offer readings by phone?

A. With apologies, no live telephone readings are being offered at this time. Local live readings are available upon request. If you are in Northeast Ohio and would like to receive an in-person reading or reserve a date for a party or event booking, you may e-mail me via my contact page for an appointment or make a pre-paid reservation via my "Reading Selections" page (see link at above left).

Q. Do you offer face-to-face readings?

A. Yes, local live readings are available upon request. If you are in Northeast Ohio and would like to receive an in-person reading or reserve a date for a party or event booking, you may e-mail me via my contact page for an appointment or view the options for pre-paid live consultations via my "Tarot Card Reading Selections" page (see link above left). You may also catch me at a live reading event - these events are listed on the main page of this site. I'd love to meet up with you!

Q. What methods of payment do you accept?

A. For e-mail readings and pre-paid local live readings, I accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, and electronic debit payments via PayPal, or money order (made out to Rhonda Abbott - email me for the address to mail your money order to).
For live local readings, I accept any of the above options as prepayment, plus cash, check or money order (made out to Rhonda Abbott) at the time of the reading. Home parties and other larger bookings must be prepaid.
With apologies, I do not read for free or for barter exchanges.

Q. What if I don't agree with what you say the reading says for me? Do you offer refunds?

A. The payment you remit for your reading is for my time, knowledge, skill, and efforts to provide you with a reading that is tailor-made for you. For this reason, no refunds will be issued. I don't guarantee that you're going to like or agree with what the cards say for you. I'm just the messenger, after all, and I am simply going to read the cards as they've appeared before me, for this is what the Universe thinks you NEED to know, even if it is not necessarily what you WANT to know. If some details aren't exactly what you expected or the answers you are hoping to receive are ultimately not "in the cards", please don't be disappointed or think your reading isn't going to benefit you. There are probably many other points of guidance that ARE in your cards that WILL be helpful to you: untapped strengths waiting to be put to use, positive things to focus on and cultivate, good things in other areas of your life that you haven't yet explored. If you get information that seems to be completely off-base, it could simply be that you aren't viewing the situation in an unbiased light or that what the cards speak of has not come to pass yet - we never know how situations can change in the future until they do. If something comes up during your reading that doesn't sit quite right, be sure to meditate on those points in particular and give the Universe some time to let the pieces fall into place for you, and feel free to contact me and follow up after some time has passed.

Q. Do you read for minors?

A. I do offer tarot parties for children and will read live for minors with parents present and/or issue consent prior to the reading. There are decks that are really great for reading for kids, and tarot can be just as beneficial for empowering young people as it is for people of voting age and older. However, I cannot read for kids without obtaining parental permission first.
I will not knowingly read for anyone under the age of 18 without consent of a parent or guardian.
By submitting an order for a reading, you are acknowledging that you are 18 years of ago or older, or that you have the permission of a parent or guardian to receive a reading.

Q. Are there any question topics that you will not cover?

A. Yes, there are some questions that pose a karmic dilemma, making them questions that I will not entertain. As a rule, I will not read on questions regarding a third person: "Why doesn't he/she like me?", "Why won't he/she call me?", "Will he/she leave his/her current significant other to be with me?"...stuff like that.

"Why?", you ask?

Because they are negative questions designed to tap into the thoughts of others and possibly manipulate the actions of others, and that's a big, fat karmic no-no. However, I am more than happy to take time with you so that we can find a better-suited question that focuses on YOU and actions that YOU might take to better the situation for YOURSELF.
So, no, I'm sorry to say that the tarot can't make someone who doesn't love you suddenly come to have those kinds of feelings, but you can ask the tarot what you can do to change your own energies and guide the positive things you crave into your life. The best-kept secret in this Universe is that positive energy and positive actions bring you positive things in return.

I will also refrain from reading on questions pertaining to a specific health prognosis, pregnancy, or death.
Tarot readings are not meant to replace or supplement any professional advice such as legal, medical, etc.
If you have a specific medical or legal concern, please contact a professional in those fields for guidance and assistance.

Q. Do you offer an accuracy percentage, like some other readers I've heard about?

A. No, I do not. Anyone who tells you that they're 100% accurate is blowing smoke, either to puff up their own image or to prey on your fears and scare you into spending money on their "services" in order to keep fabricated "harm" at bay. They are there more to help themselves than to help you.

I can only say that the readings I have done for myself and for others over the years have proven to be highly accurate, in our opinions. To my experience, even if not everything seems to make sense at the time of the reading, it tends to gain clarity over time, once a client has had a chance to mull over the results of the consultation and/or new things come to light that make the once-insignificant details of the reading become more relevant and meaningful.

Of course, I'm just human, and I may occasionally make a mistake in interpreting your cards. If you ever catch me claiming otherwise, feel free to refer to the first lines of this answer above and lump me into that category, for I'll be deserving of it. I only promise to be honest, unbiased, nonjudgmental, and as positive and helpful as I can possibly be in giving you the insight you came to me for in the first place. I welcome your input regarding your reading, and encourage you to share any insight you may have as to what the cards may mean for you on a personal level. There may be something in the card that speaks to you that doesn't "click" for me, given my own set of meanings and experiences. That's the beauty of tarot....there is no right, and there is no wrong. Everything in the world should be this fluid and perfect, don't you think? :)

Of course, all readings are for your enjoyment and entertainment only. You are ultimately responsible for your own actions and reactions to the things that happen in your life. I accept zero liability for your actions after a reading. If you seem to be at serious risk of harming yourself or others, I reserve the right to contact the proper authorities on your behalf.

Questions may be directed to me via the form below or by email at rhonda @ (remove the spaces)