Tarot Readings by E-mail

All prices below are in US Dollars

The consultations listed below will be conducted via e-mail. You should expect to receive it usually within two business days.
You will receive a photo of your spread along with your reading, as well as a complimentary numerology personality reading, if you submit your birthdate when placing your paid reading request.

If you have arrived from the Sapphire & Sage Renaissance Jewelry and Accessories website, you will need to make your tarot reading purchases here, then return to the jewelry and accessories pages to order those items. In order to keep the shopping cart system from charging shipping and handling for my tarot consultation services, the two catalogs need to run on separate carts.

If you are within 30 miles of the Akron, Ohio area and would like a face-to-face consultation or to check my calendar for party entertainment availability, please contact me directly through my contact page to schedule an appointment or to book an event.

Single-question or General Personalized Tarot Readings by E-mail

If you have a specific question in mind or simply want a general reading, you have several options to choose from. The more cards you select to be used for you reading, the more in-depth your reading will be, of course. However, these are difficult financial times and sometimes a simple answer will do...and will be less costly, to boot!
Select the spread option the best suits your needs from the drop-down list below. If you have a question to ask of the cards, there will be a box that appears during checkout that you should put your question in.

Please, do not ask questions on medical diagnosis, pregnancy, specific dates or locations, or regarding the manipulation of the freewill of another. They are either not answerable by the cards or unethical and inviting bad karma in general. The best questions to ask are the ones that give answers that empower you to change the course of your own life. Ask questions that have the ability show you how YOU can change matters for yourself through your own thoughts and actions.
If you need assistance in formulating a question that will best provide you with the insight you're seeking, please feel free to contact me via my contact page before submitting your paid reading request. I'm more than happy to work together with you to create a positive and uplifting question.


Four Seasons Tarot Forecast

Every new season brings new joys, celebrations, troubles, and tribulations. With the Four Seasons spread, you'll see what's in store for you in the coming 12-month cycle. One card is drawn for each of the upcoming fours seasons, plus one extra card is drawn that serves as a guide in determining the overall tone of your upcoming 4-season cycle (5 cards total).


12-month Tarot Wheel Reading

Would you like to see what the coming 12 months have in store for you? This spread breaks down the coming twelve calendar months into tidy one-month packages. You'll be able to see what each individual month will bring with this one reading. Choose to receive one-card draws for each month (12 cards total), or receive more details with a two-card draw option for each month (24 cards total).


Past Life Feng Shui Karmic Tarot Reading

Have you ever wondered how your past lives affect the life you're currently living? Do the negative energies you put out into the universe in lives past haunt you this time around? How can you restore your karmic balance and live a life of peace and harmony? This 8-house, 24-card spread explores your most significant past life situation and how it related to your current incarnation, and gives guidance on how to balance your karma in this lifetime.


Past Life Relationship Connection Tarot Reading

Have you met someone who you feel you knew in a past incarnation? This tarot spread will explore your connection with this person ove rthe course of several lifetimes.


Weekly emailed Tarot Reading "Tarotscope" Subscriptions

If you would like to receive a guide regularly e-mailed to directly your inbox, a Tarotscope Subscription is perfect for you!
Each weekend, you will receive an e-mail of you're upcoming week's "forecast". I will hand-draw cards specifically for you (one card for the "Weekly Card Forecast", and 7 cards for the "7-day Tarot Forecast"), interpreting those cards to give you the best advice to help you get through your week. You will receive a photo of your card(s) as a reference. The prices shown below are per month, with one e-mail going to you during a weekend day prior to the week your reading will cover.

Your monthly subscription will continue uninterrupted until you email me to cancel your subscription, after which your subscription will immediately be cancelled.

Makes a great gift for any tarot enthusiast!


Questions may be directed to me via the form below or by email at rhonda @ sapphireandsage.com (remove the spaces)