Bilaments: Beaded Trim by the Inch

A wonderful way to add some pizzazz to your garb!

Please order the total length of each style of trim you need to complete your project. I will contact you after I receive your order to inquire about the specific dimensions you need to fit along your garments' seams and/or around your garments' corners.

It is recommended that all trim and buttons be tacked onto your garments and removed for washing. Trim and buttons will fare best when stored in an airtight garment bag when not in use.

Queen Elizabeth I of England, artist unacknowledged
Portrait Location: Portraitgalerie, Schloss Ambras, Innsbruck, Austria

"Queen Elizabeth I Schloss Ambras Portrait Bilament Trim *
What a decadent design for this Elizabethan jeweled bilament trim!
Deliciously oversized 10mm glass pearls are used for the hand-wired 5-pearl clusters between the gold-tone filigrees, which are decorated with 8mm acrylic table-cut square jewels.

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Queen Jane Seymour, c. 1536
Hans Holbein
Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna

Double-pearl Bilament (Beaded Trim)
This hand-wired pearl and jeweled trim is sold by the inch and should be hand-sewn onto your garments. As a reference and as shown above, each 18x13mm stone/setting combination is paired with 8mm pearls - each section of this size measures approximately 1". The 14x10mm stone/setting combinations are paired with 6mm pearls, and the 25x18mm stone/setting combinations are paired with 10mm pearls.

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