Welcome to our studios!

Rhonda: Your Jewelry Designer

It doesn't look like it, but this work area is highly organized!
All of my jewelry designs originate on this small living room coffee table, believe it or not! Often with reruns of "Saturday Night Live" or various oldie-but-goodie movies playing in the background, your pieces will be created just as the piece above. Maybe your piece was assembled during a showing of "Overboard", "Ever After", "A Knight's Tale", or even "Terminator 2"; or perhaps it was produced during the commercial breaks of a new episode of "The Tudors", "Survivorman" or "Ghost Hunters"...no matter what the background noise might be, you can rest assured that your custom jewelry was made with great care, for I make each piece as if I'll be wearing it myself.
After all, I want you saying just what the Terminator himself might say:
"Ahh'll be back!" :)

When I'm not at the "beading table", you'd likely find me at the computer desk, confirming orders, logging your order's details in my files so that I may more easily assist you with your future purchases, or creating new eBay auctions for in-stock jewelry pieces. You may view my current eBay jewelry auctions by clicking here.

Hey, check out that old grape juice can (circa the late 90's) functioning as a writing/cutting utensil receptacle. Very stylish, no?
Some might say I'm too cheap to head over to Office Max to pick up a REAL pencil can, but I say I'm just doing what I can to save the environment by recycling, because all of that stuff that is so important for our planet.
OK, maybe I'm just cheap!
Or maybe I just really, really like grape juice. ;)

My eight felines truly believe that they're part of the "team"!
Here are three of Sapphire & Sage's self-appointed Quality Control Supervisors taking what I'm sure they feel is some much-deserved time off the job. Some vendors may boast that their products come from a "smoke-free, pet-free home". While I, myself, can boast the "smoke-free" part, I can't proclaim that we're anywhere near "pet-free" around here!
But then, a house without pets isn't truly a home now, is it? :)